How to Wafer card, Paper & edible Icing to buttercream & Fondant on your cakes & Cupcakes

Hi, a quick timelapse to show easy application to your cakes & bakes.


For fondant Icing including Cakes – icing paper works best either with water or Edible Glue, water works the best we think, lightly mist or brush the desired area with water and apply your icing topper, be sure not to get your hands wet or dry them prior to application as wet fingers will make your picture, or print run!

For cupcakes  – stand ups in particular, wafer cards works best as it is more rigid, you can apply all to fondant discs or squares a I have shown but wafer card & paper can warp and not stick as well as Icing paper. Note we sell these as pre cut or uncut, all are as easy as each other to cut out using sharp scissors, check out one of our other videos to see how easy cutting is!

Applying to edible discs – You can easily apply all 3 to edible discs (made from fondant cut to the shape of your choice) – icing works best and clings to the fondant with a smooth surface & very professional – mist or wet your fondant with either water or edible glue – water works best! if you are adding wafer card or paper to fondant use edible glue as water will not work, wafer card can warp at the ends or  not stick fast, wafer paper must not be on too much glue or it can buckle and warp.

So for fondant best use Icing sheet, for stand up best use wafer card & for budget but still great quality best use wafer paper. If you are using icing paper on buttercream apply to fondant disc first or it will warp. See lots of design @ at . All 3 (wafer paper, card & icing are easy to cut out if you buy uncut, use sharp scissors and keep them dry at all times! HAPPY BAKING!

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