Wafer Card / Paper

Wafer paper is ideal though for printing stand up cake toppers or smaller items to build 3d scenes or use as stand up scalloped toppers, cut outs etc. Wafer card dissolves in water but not on icing so it will not blend into the surface of an iced cake. You simply lay a wafer paper topper onto your cake.  As a result, wafer paper may be noticeable when cutting or eating the cake. Wafer paper also has a tendency to curl or wrinkle when refrigerated or placed on moist cakes. Unlike icing sheets, wafer paper has no plastic backing to peel away and it requires your images to be cut out individually, we mainly supply wafer card which is 0.7 mm thickness & has and is printed to a superior quality. Ingredients are  potato starch & water.


You can apply your wafer card to your bakes in a number of ways

  1. Stand ups –  you can simply stand your wafer card up in your cupcakes that have been piped with buttercream
  2. Piping – for a flat look on biscuits or bakes, you can pipe your cut out designs onto your bakes with regal ice
  3. Edible Glue – You can apply a thin layer to the back of your wafer and place it onto fondant icing or other hard icings, do not apply a large amount as your card can buckle. We also apply edible icing sheets which are best for flat placements on bakes.
  4. Buttercream – you can place your edible wafer card over buttercream icing that is wet, please do not refrigerate your wafer paper on your bakes as the condensation can make the edible ink run.
  5. Honey & Syrup – your wafer card can also be stuck to flat bakes such as fondant icing, using a thin layer of honey or syrup applied liberally to the back. Ensure you go right to the edges to avoid corners curling when places and always remember when you have applied the layer of syrup, honey or glue back of your topper, ensure your hands are not sticky or wet on application to ensure you don’t make the print run.

Your wafer card will also work in whipped cream! For more information or demonstrations & tutorials, visit our you tube channel to see for yourself!

wafer card how to aplly to your cake and cupcake
edible wafer card cake and cupcake decorations