Dove & Star Christmas Stand up Toppers



Dove & Star Christmas Stand up Toppers

Stunning for your bakes 12 in total 3  of each design as seen. Fabulous for home bakes, fayre’s and to bake as gifts or for a Christmas cake topper & loving feel too!


Dove & Star Christmas Stand Up pop tops include, winter blue & berry red  doves + 4 golden like stars.


Dove & Star Christmas Stand up Toppers – Decorations FABULOUS and will make your bake from Top my Bake!

Made from edible rice wafer card these stand up and stay up! Packaged in a moisture proof packet, these make great Christmas & festive toppers. There are 8 doves 4 of each winter blue & winter berry red + 4 stars!

Wafer card is 0.7mm thick and size of toppers: 5.6cm x 4.8cm for the doves and the stars are 4.5cm. Look great doubled up on toppers are on their own! Great for Christmas & winter festivities.


Potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil

Printed with Edible Ink containing Water, Solutizer E1520, Humectant E422, Acidity Regulator E330
Colour: E151, E110*, E102*, E122*, E133

PLEASE NOTE: Only a very small amount of ink is used, for example typically less than 0.02g in one cupcake size

Storage & handling

Wafer card is 0.7mm thick – Store in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

The icing typically has a very long shelf life, however we recommend you use within two weeks of receipt to preserve the image quality.

Store in a cool, dry atmosphere to prevent curling.  If not using immediately, store in the original unopened packaging at below 25 degrees C. away from any heat source.

Always keep packaged.


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